Fading Echoes, once called Echoes, is the second volume in the Omen of the Stars section. The cover features Ivypaw looking at her sister, Dovepaw and Lionblaze. There was a mistake before (Ivypaw was orange with tabby stripes and green eyes), but Ivypaw's appearance has changed to gray tabby with white areas and saphire eyes. Ivypaw is also said to have a main role in the book.

Erin Hunter has released some important information about the book. She has said that Jayfeather will "swallow" his pride and ask for help from other medicine cats when a warrior is seriously injured by a fallen tree. She has also released that Mistyfoot's kits are Reedwhisker and Graymist, along wwith Dawnflower and Rippletail. which is an important piece of information. This is because Leopardstar will die, leaving Mistystar to choose Reedwhisker as her deputy. A picture of both covers can be seen under New Pictures. It was set to be released in February, but unfortunately it was pushed into March of 2010. There is also supposed to be a huge fight between ThunderClan and ShadowClan sometime in the novel.

  • The cat once on the cover was Flametail, who is now on the cover of Night Whispers.


Fall approaches. But one cat will have a mysterious dream from Hawkfrost.

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