Sunrise was the sixth and final book of Power of Three, which was the 3rd arc in the Warriors Saga. It features Hollyleaf on the cover, with a snowed-over copse in the background. The title of Sunrise symbolizes new beginnings, as sunrise is the beginning of the new day. New kits are born, new meanings come to cats for new prophecies, and new attitudes begin to form in Hollyleaf. Just as Dark River mainly centered around Lionblaze and The Sight mainly focused on Jayfeather's story, Hollyleaf is the character with the most chapter viewpoints in this novel.


Hollyleaf is on the cover, looking at a cruel season.

SYNOPSIS: Leaf-bare has finally arrived, and the Clan cats are preparing for the worst. Among them are the 3 siblings: Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather. After discovering the truth about their background, Hollyleaf strikes out at a cat that she has always admired. Lionblaze tries to leave Tigerstar's night training, but is confronted by darkness all around him, and Jayfeather longs to know who his real parents are. One warrior is killed, and at the same time, a patrol is sent out to bring back a mysterious cat that is a suspect for an old murder case. Can the warrior cats ever settle down in peace, or are they destined to suffer in this cruel season?

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