The Fourth Apprentice is the 1st book of the fourth arc of the Warriors Saga (Omen of the Stars). It features Dovepaw on the cover, and the lake territory. The cover can be seen under New Pictures. The Fourth Apprentice is named after Dovepaw (Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Jayfeather). The book was once called "Ambush" when the series was named The Fourth Apprentice. However, Erin Hunter renamed the series Omen of the Stars, and called the book by the original series name.

SYNOPSIS: Greenleaf has come and Dovekit and Ivykit are poised to become ThunderClan apprentices. But one of the sisters receives an ominous dream and begins to realize that she has a special ability. Meanwhile, Jayfeather must get used to being the sole medicine cat of ThunderClan and Lionblaze gets an apprentice. But two dark, new enemies come to the forest, and the 2 cats will need the kit's help in order to fight for their Clan.


As summer blazes through the forest, Jayfeather and Lionblaze uncover the 3rd cat of the prophecy, and use her powers to save the Clans from certain death.

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