The Sight, a book named after Jayfeather's power, is the first novel in the Power of 3 arc in the Warriors Saga. Most of the book centers around Jayfeather, a blind cat, who struggles with his destiny as he becomes an apprentice. All 3 kits are featured on the cover, with a storm coming to ThunderClan in the background.

The Sight

Hollykit, Jaykit and Lionkit, Firestar's 3 grandkids, become apprentices, and Jaykit discovers that he has a special ability.

SYNOPSIS: The feral cat Clans have settled down in their new home after half a year of hard work and fighting. But a new generation of cats must be born and save the Clans from destruction. The grandchildren of Firestar, and children of Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw have reached their 6th moon. Hollykit is a she-cat interested in leading her Clan and the warrior code. Lionkit longs to be the strongest warrior in his Clan, and Jaykit, who is blind, is quite grouchy and wants to be left alone. But soon one of the siblings will stumble across a prophecy given to Firestar moons before, and together the siblings must try to uncover the meaning...

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