Omen of the Stars is the current storyline in the Warriors Saga. It is the 4th arc (season) written by Erin Hunter and is supposedly the darkest. This series tends to be getting older so that more teenagers or tweens can feel comfortable reading them. It follows Lionblaze and Jayfeather, two brothers of the prophecy from Power of Three who already have their powers. They must find out which of their cousins (Ivypaw or Dovepaw) is the third cat of the prophecy. The first book, The Fourth Apprentice, was released in November 2009. The second book, Fading Echoes ( once called Echoes) is due to come out February 2010, and the third book will be titled Night Whispers. It was once called Betrayal, but the authors thought of calling it Dark Betrayal or From Dusk to Dawn. Finally they came to the current title. Another dark part of the series is the fact that a new, invasive species was introduced to the lake territory by wildlife specialists. This was confirmed to be beavers, who are an enemy despite their vegetarian diet. The wildlife specialists are recording the rate that they will tear down the forest for dams. One beaver killed Rippletail, a RiverClan warrior, and others inflicted severe injuries to the other cats. They were defeated in The Fourth Apprentice, thanks to Lionblaze and Dovepaw's abilities (and of course the other members of the patrol), but they will be back in Fading Echoes. It is also rumored that the new villain will be a she-cat, possibly Ivypaw (due to her jealousy of Dovepaw's power) or Hollyleaf, if she did survive. There are other possibilities, like Nightcloud, who may not trust her mate anymore after what was revealed in Sunrise. This arc was once known as The Fourth Apprentice, with book 1 being called Ambush, but Erin Hunter changed it. There is question as to whether Ambush will still be used as a title. The fourth book, The Sign of the Moon, will feature the Tribe of Rushing Water